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DIY Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Audio

Hey riders.

For a little while I’ve been eyeballing something like a sena or packtalk bluetooth communicator. They are pricey pieces of kit for what they do. For me, I mostly ride by myself so I dont really NEED to be able to connect to anyone else. I just kinda wanted bluetooth sound and I want it to be good quality. I’m somewhat of an audio enthusiast.

For a while I just used earbuds, and for most this is probably an acceptable compromise. I wasnt satisfied with that experience though. Anything that stuck out of my ears more than a few mm made putting the helmet on and taking it off hurt my ears.

#My goal

  • good in helmet audio
  • bluetooth capability
  • cheaper than even the cheapest bluetooth helmet ‘thingy’ (right now thats the cardo freecom 1 I think)

I must beat this

For reference my current helmet is a Scorpion EXO 710

So while brainstorming this idea on another forum, @behindthetimesgamer mentioned these headphones.

Well turns out you can just pop the ear clips off the back and slap them in there like they were meant to be kinda.

Koss is pretty well known for cheap headphones that sound good and these are no exception. They arent my favorite sound profile and I probably wouldnt even pick them for best cheap headphones but in this use case they are absolutely a solid pick.

Anyway, this is what it looks like

Its basically no different than these JBLs which are built for this purpose

Except the koss are like $15… Its a no brainer. I’m fairly confident they sound better or at the least the same.

Thats all for now…


Thats coming soon™

I’ll let you know how this works out after I get it.

link to original thread


Nice one fella, do keep us posted. They are expensive aren’t they, so good if a cheaper solution can be found :+1:

Unfortunately I haven’t had any time to get on the bike yet.

Preliminary tests are good but overall volume and power handling are a concern right now. Won’t know more until I’m on the highway with full wind noise.


Hey, no problems at all, there are other things going on right now.

Keep the rubber side down :+1: