DIY External GPU, anyone tired these?

So I just found this video


anyone try this type of thing? Looks very interesting


yes I have one they work fine for the most part if your laptop is a newer one that has a m.2(ngff) slot that supports M-key ssds then you can get full 60 fps in all games provided the gpu you use has the power to pump-out that many frames. a minipci-e slot however will give you drops to 45fps in bandwidth intensive games.

another thing to note is that the adapter only has 1 or 2 capacitors so the slightest voltage drop from the wall (below 115volts US) will cause your gpu to crash. it's normally only a problem if you run a heater and vacuum cleaner at the same time on the same power-line. you can easily fix this by getting a smart line interactive UPS. a normal line interactive UPS dosn't have the ability to manually set how low voltage should drop before switching to battery. also keep in mind 500VA=300Watts <--- some gpu's can easily go over this while gaming.


I fiddled around with an early Express Card EXP-GDC thingy a while back with a buddie's elitebook and my Radeon 4850. We couldn't get it to use the laptop display(It was a Core 2 shmuo old piece of crap) but it ran fine and with no driver or weird issues whatsoever. He just wanted to run Halo, Skyrim and edit video on a 1080p TV and it actually got the job done, it gave him 200mbps speeds because it had the old 1.0 Expresscard, but he still uses for non enthusiast purposes paired w/a GT730 till this day so is good enough for him . Afaik w/Sandy Bridge and beyond, you can use the laptop display and is more likely that you find ExpressCard 2.0/3.0 or m.2 which will give you 650mbps speeds. Just stay away from AMD cpu's if you plan on keep using the laptop screen.

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Pain in the ass

After Wendell and Qain gone, I doubt Logan can pull off something like this.

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The main problem with this is that the bus is usually a x2 or x4 slot. so youre not putting a 1070 in here. a 1060 will be pushing it.

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Had a horrible time trying to get this to work for my brother's laptop. Although some googling after the fact told me I wasn't the only one having a problem with that model.

Someone at Lansyndicate did this I think, he wouldn't say when I asked him. But yes this would have made a great video

@wendell and @DeusQain you guys would get some views with something kinda crazy as this

@Leon_the_Loner do you know if is there a better model out there?

Not that I know of. I was also referring to the laptop model, not the adapter.

Sons of bitches shipped it to me without one of the cables and it took them two weeks to ship it to me. I really had a bad time with this. That is exactly the same adapter I used as well.

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haha oh ok, man that would suck. I read its not the easiest thing in the world to get working

a x4 slot will work with a 1070 just fine..

the fury X has a 4096bit memory bus if it can't max out the bandwidth of a pci-e x16 3.0 slot. a titan XP with a 384bit bus isn't going to ether.

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