A month ago some burglars broke into my Father’s house while he was away, lots of cash, family heirlooms and electronics were snatched. They completely trashed the place and physically broke down the door.

Insurance thankfully took care of it all and now he’s tasked me with setting up a CCTV solution. I’ll be handling this project as a DIY one, I want to get as much bang for the buck. Vendors around here charge out the nose for 720p solutions. No bueno.

I’m planning to use as the server and back it up to a Google Drive (probably using rclone). To run all this I had initially thought of using a Ryzen 5 2400G for that sweet GPU acceleration and affordable pricing.

Here’s where you guys come in. I really want to get the Object Detection features of Shinobi working. It’s based on OpenCV, and I have no clue how well, If at all that can make use of Vega gpus. Am I asking for headaches here?

For the Cameras I stumbled upon this one, and It got me pretty interested. I could probably have a housing 3D printed. Maybe even add an Arduino based PTZ mount. :thinking:

We’ll be wiring all cameras (currently planning on 6 total) up using CAT6A PoE (rated outdoor).

What do you guys think? Should I just pick up a cheap E5-2600 cpu and something like a GTX 1050 to power this instead?

Thank you in advance!