DIY 360mm air raidiator

this is my pump room


Is that attic space? Intake or exhaust?

intake from basement. in the summer months its about 12c down there and 35c upstairs and acts as an air exchanger. double whammy. Thats also the front of the case. its some awful cougar thing. i got a cm 690 II I am working on putting 140mm’s in and inverting it or moving the psu. i can bolt the psu under the floor tbh. the the cables are 100" long on them lol.
main reason i did it is my r5 3600 was maxed out in the basement for thermals so obviously when i move upstairs it had problems. :slight_smile:
my gtx 1650 d6 non super also run max 55 hotspot and idles 26-33 while web browsing. its @ 2140 on the core. stock is like 1700

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