Divinity: Original Sin 2 [Looking for team]

I’m looking for up to 3 players that wish to do campaign together.
I have GOG versions, but its cross-compatible with steam versions.

Everyone is welcome, even if you are total noob or total pro.

Your friendly neighborhood meme.

Really wish I could Im waiting for a linux version before they get my money. Enjoyed the first one a lot normal and enhanced Edition.

thats going to take some time, it just came out of beta. My guess is around 2months from now (soonest)

Hey I picked up this game… it is pretty cool…, been playing with the building part of it… Not as good of a toolset as NeverWinterNights, but its pretty good. I Play on and off with another friend, but my I have a non-confirming work schedule, anyways If you are looking for another person to play with still, and we can make time work for us… I am in.

sounds good, I will work mon-fri 4pm-12 UTC -6
(i’m off on sat-sun) // most sat 10am-4pm reserved for shooting range.

Let me know what times are good for you, and how to reach you.

well im on standard mountain time, i think that is -7 GMT… I work @ 5:00 pm-12 …this might actually work.

Hopefully, this game goes on sale for Halloween.