Diverting network blocked VPN connection

Hi guys, I just found out that my university blocks VPN connections on their network. I have a NAS array at home containing back-ups of all my desktops files so you can imagine that it would be great for me to be able to access those from university on my laptop.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest any subtle ways to bypass this security setting. If the sysadmin is at all competent he would notice any forcible behavior which would be a bad thing for me. 

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated, thanks. 

My college blocks a large amount of ports but allows full access through say, Port 80, so I just set up OpenVPN on my PfSense box to run on Port 80, or I connect to AirVPN over TCP/80. It's worth a shot, just make sure you set it up properly to tunnel all traffic.

Try port 443 tcp (used by https) as it's usually left completely open. Tcp 80 is most likely redirected to a "transparent" http proxy.