Distro: spoilt of choice


I was watching some vids of Wendell and got fascinated how far Linux has come with gaming.
Now I am consider to remove dual boot and the Microsoft money sink completely.

I use Debian since 2001 but I missing some up to date Software (like video editing tools, mysql, …) .
And don’t get me to explain the problems I run into when tried to get some Windows-Games to work with in Debian :sob:
ATM I can run Guild Wars 2 and EVE Online, both w/ 32Bit only and it is stammering.
On Windows I can run many AAA Games at 64Bit at low/med settings but on Debian I get CTDs and Games freeze when using 64Bit with any settings.
Its probably because of the lack of up to date software/drivers Debian uses.

My system looks like this…

  • Debian 9.5
  • wine-3.0.1 (Debian 3.0.1-2~bpo9+1)
  • PlayOnLinux 4.2.10
  • Lutris
  • GTX 770 w/ Driver Version: 384.130
  • 16GB of RAM at 1600MHz
  • AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core Processor

Things that also bug me …

  • Gnome-Keyring and DM w/ Auto-Connect enabled: every time I lock into Gnome I have to enter a Password to get Evolution (EMail) to work.

  • Gnome w/ Firefox and Rosegarden: there seems to be a problem with Audio because Rosegarden wants Audio Jack and Gnome + Firefox wants to use Pulse Audio.

  • Gnome-Session: after a reboot/shutdown I have to arrange all programms again. I know there is an Auto-Start Method but still I need to arrange things.

  • Gnome-Boxes: when loading X11 into VM it stutter

  • Screen arrangements: I have dual Monitors as a workspace and a TV that should clone/copy the left screen. But I cant get Gnome to do so and need to tweak nvidia-settings after every reboot.

Now I am thinking of switching to the dark side and wipe all data.
Then I can do a fresh install of a new distro and try to get some games installed.

Should I leave Gnome behind, or try to fix things again and again ?
I had read about XFCE will make gaming performance better cause of some DM issues with Wine/Drivers.
Is this still accurate or even true ?

I am not a fan of ppa’s, but it seems Ubuntu is the way to go for the best gaming support.
Maybe Manjaro I should try, the rolling releases looks appealing to me.
Or I would not mind to compile all myself and try Gentoo.
I was quite amazed by the stuff I have learned already while using stage 1 to install Gentoo into VM.
Still I have not reached a working DE but I will get there.
I hope Gentoo will give me a bit more know-how while learning/study IT-Security for Linux,
or will I fool myself and just make things complicate ?

Hope this community can give me some advice to proceed :woman_teacher:

Not sure what’s the latest on Nvidia and Wayland support, last I heard they weren’t interested in it.

It sounds like all your issues are cross-team cross organizational cross library problems. Can you backup / use another drive and try to upgrade to Debian testing (basically a rolling release/more up to date Debian) instead of stable and maybe try reporting bugs and see what pans out?

If you want to use Gentoo as a learning experience then go for it but for any other purpose it’s just not worth it.

Gentoo installs with Stage 3 now, no need to compile the toolchain for the install. Gentoo is easy once you get it installed, which really isn’t that bad. The Gentoo Handbook is easy to follow.

How does one even do a stage one install anymore. I thought their was no more documentation on that.

I don’t know. It’s probably been at least 10 years since Stage 3 became the default install method.

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Done it.
Thanks for the advice it works well with games.
Now I can play at 64 Bit with no complains at all.

My system looks much better now …

  • Linux debian 4.17.0-3-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.17.17-1 (2018-08-18) x86_64 GNU/Linux
  • NVidia Driver 390.77
  • wine-3.0.2 (Debian 3.0.2-3)
  • PlayOnLinux 4.2.12
  • Lutris

Yeah, I thought so. I should stay with Debian then and maybe do some more Gentoo experiments in VM only.

At least I cant complain by the stuff I have learned. It was worth the few hours I took into it (besides compiling over night).

Now I am quite happy with the tip risk gave me, and I dont need to switch sides :sunglasses: