Distortion With O2 and HE-500's

So does anyone have any idea why I would be getting distortion from the left side of my headphones only when plugged into my O2+Dac? Its not the Headphones because they don't do it when plugged into the PC audio (Maximus 6 Gene) or my Integra AV amp. I'm running Win 8.1, could that have anything to do with it?



I just used another pair of headphones (Beats...) and they do the same thing.

Try changing the sound level in Windows. I just got my O2+ODAC today and with the volume in Windows turned up to 100% I get distortion. Hopefully this fixes your problem.

Nah, it was broken. Sent it back and got a new one. Fiixed now. You are correct tho, win volume > 75% gets me distortion.

Huh, that's odd. The only time I get any distortion on my O2 is if windows volume is maxed and I accidentally hit the high gain switch. On low gain it stays crystal clear up as high as I can tolerate listening.

What headphones do you have? Win should be set to 80% maximum.

I've got a few different pairs of headphones. ATH-M50, Senn HD 558, HE-400. None of them have ever had an issue with the volume in windows at max running through my ODAC/O2, except in high gain mode. Low gain has always been crystal clear, even with my IEMs.