Distinctly 90's/early-aughts Music of All Genre [Let's make a super list]

So I feel like I didn't make the point of this topic clear enough originally, so I am editing this to be a little more clear:
I want to build a list of songs that distinctly - almost to the point of stereotypifying - defined the common sounds heard in the 90s and early 2000's (early aughts)

These would be chart toppers of that era among any other bands you think have built their sound strictly upon that era.
I'm not limiting this by genre; so we can have our Grunge with Hip Hop and early days House, so long as they are all very distinct with that 90s feel. I realize "distinct 90s sound" is a vague and somewhat subjective opinion. So for an example, I would not consider "Massive Attack" distinctly 90s, even though they got their start in the 90s because their style is uniquely their own and therefore does not typify the common tonality that was predominantly present in any genre of the 90s.
I am making a change to the bands section. Bands listed are bands that really only had their peak in the 90s/early aughts and ultimately disappeared there after. This will keep the list cleaner.
Alice In Chains (1987-2002)
Backstreet Boys (1993-2000/Present)
Britney Spears (1998-2005/Present)
Cranberries (1989-2003)
Culture Beat (1989-2001/Present)
Nirvana (1987-1994)
NSYNC (1995-2002)
Pearl Jam (1990-Present)
Soundgarden (1984-1997)

songs sorted by domain *read below to understand "domain"
"No Limit" - 2Unlimited
"Days Go By" - Dirty Vegas
"Personal Jesus" - Depeche Mode
"What is Love" - Haddaway
"You Make Me Feel Alright" - Amadin
"Mr. Vain" - Culture Beat
"Hymn" - Moby
"Porcelain" - Moby
"Crucified" - Army of Lovers
"Last Train to Trancentral" - The KLF
"Power of American Natives" - Dance 2 Trance
"Right In The Night" - Jam & Spoon
"Out of the Blue" - System F
"For an Angel" - Paul van Dyk
"Delerium" - Silence or maybe it's Tiesto or Paul Okenfold, I have conflicting sources
"Blue" - Eiffel 65
"Scatman" - Scatman John
"Everybody's Free" - Rozalla
"Xpander" - Sasha
"Tranzy State of Mind" - Push
"Dragostea Din Tei Numa Numa " - O-Zone

"Poison" - bbd
"Waterfall" - TLC
"Angel" - Shaggy
"Can't Touch This" - MC Hammer
"The Power" - Snap!
"Ice Ice Baby" - Vanilla Ice
"Good Vibrations" - Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch
"Nuthin But a G Thang" - Dr. Dre

"Soak Up the Sun" - Sheryl Crow
"Bittersweet Symphony" - The Verve
"Fly" - Sugar Ray
"Someday" - Sugar Ray
"All Star" - Smash Mouth
"I'm a Believer" - Smash Mouth

"Song 2" - Blur
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Nirvana
"Superman" - Goldfinger
"Zombie" - Cranberries
"1985" - Bowling For Soup
"Almost" - Bowling For Soup
"Unbelievable" - EMF
"Jesus He Knows Me" - Genesis
"Even Flow" - Pearl Jam
"Black Hole Sun" - Soundgarden
"Would?" - Alice In Chains

"Bye Bye Bye" - NSYNC
"I Want It That Way" - Backstreet Boys
"Baby One More Time" - Britney Spears
"Oops I Did It Again" - Britney Spears
"Toxic" - Britney Spears
"Genie In A Bottle" - Christina Aguilera
"Step By Step" - New Kids On The Block

to further tidy up the list since the songs are growing, I will now separate them by genre "domains". I refer to these as domains for a reason. They should not be considered the defacto genre of the song, but rather the domain of musical style in which it's genre would be contained. This is to keep the list clean. If you really have a problem with a song being contained under a certain domain, then let me know - but think before you post. This isn't a definitive list.

I want give a little thanks to forum member @CaptainChaos for the massive contribution to the list! Maybe with his contribution we can make this the most comprehensive list on the internet! (It's always good to dream big)

Honorable Mentions:
"Satisfaction" - Benny Banassi
"Seven Cities" - *Solarstone

honorable mentions are songs that were released in the time frame, but I feel have a more "timeless" feeling to these songs that transcends the prevalent trends that characterized the music of this time frame, but at the same time still feel like a product of that age.

You might also want to look to the early 2000s. The Gorillaz are one of my favorite bands. They made their music a bit later, but it was still influenced by the 90s.



Ah. I see

You also have Seal, stone temple pilots, Nirvana, green day, pearl jam.

The list goes on and on. Tool is kind of a lesser known / well known band. I particularly like the song Anemia because I absolutely hate LA.

Oh and the cranberries is a staple 90s band.

House music from this era is awesome.

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I updated the list.

Mind mentioning any bands or including any songs?

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Bonus bands: Arctic Monkeys and the Black Keys. Both got started in the 90s and their music is very 90-esq, but the bands did not reach wide spread fandom until a few years ago.

Also, how many bands are you really looking for, because I could literally make a list of a about 70 bands + and several singles.

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Before Thomas Bangalter started Daft Punk, he did a project band called Stardust and they made this one catchy song called Music Sounds Better With You.

Daft Punk since they started in the 90s as well with their album Homework, then got really great with the Discovery album in the early 2000s.

Kinda misunderstood the OP and got years mixed up.
Honorable mentiones of songs in (brackets). Might add Links later on :)
Stuff writen in [these ones] indicate comments.

Jefferson Airplane
Santana (Jingo, Gypsy Queen) <- @MisteryAngel :D
Mama´s and Papa´s
The Guess Who
5th Dimension (Let the Sun shine)
Meat Loaf (Bat out of Hell) [Got a pretty amazing version of that on vinyl]
Birthcontrol (Gamma Ray)
Earth, Wind & Fire (Boogie Wonderland)
Blood, Sweat & Tears
Electric Light Orchestra (Don´t bring me down)
Ram Jam (Black Betty)
Blue Öyster Cult (The Reaper)
Reo Speedwagon
Lake (On The Run)
Redbone (The Witch Queen of New Orleans)
Kansas (Dust in the Wind)
Spin Doctors
Alice Cooper (Poison)
Judas Priest
Bonnie Tyler

[Transformed this into a game. Everyone to enter my office now has to say the name of a 90s band...]

Bob Dylan
Status Quo
John Lee Hooker [kinda, yes? If you have to ask for a songname, GTFO!]
Deep Purple
Cheap Trick

[Got to keep track of the ones I got allready. Monday is getting better by the minute!]

Poison (Stand)
Bryan Adams
Maxi Priest (That Girl) [Look below]
Shaggy (That Girl) [Look above]
Vangelis [Should have come up with that...]
Depeche Mode
Vanessa Paradis (Sunday Mondays) [<- Got that stuck in my head now, gg]
David Hasselhoff (Nightrocker) [<- youngster! Only knows that by playing Overwatch...]
Blue System
Culture Beat
Taylor Dayne
Amadin [<- that youngster either has a good taste in music or google open, let me check real quick...]
[he has googled that. Coward!]

[That is it for now, watching this thread!]

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I adjusted the OP to hopefully make things more clear.
I'm gonna try to go through your whole list...unfortunately my internet is being stupidly slow so it may take me a couple hours or more to get through the whole list.

Half of those bands are from the 80s or prior. Trex was from the 60s.

Whoops. Well, hem...
Might be because I only started getting CDs of them in the 90s... Never thought about that actually. For me it is either "way back then" or "90s".

Soak up the sun

zombie (cranberries)

Bittersweet Symphony.

Learning to fly by the foo fighters.

Waterfalls by TLC is pretty good.

I wasn't alive for most of these songs,
(found these from youtubers who used these songs)
but I do have some of these from my library.

These are some of my favorites
Blur - Blur

Weezer - pinkerton

Tony Hawk Pro skater 1-3's OSTs

Thank god these were released during the CDR days of video games...pretty sure I would go crazy having to sort through a list of 60+ songs for each game.
Looks like in total, across all 3 there is roughly 50 tracks.


@bedHedd You might benefit from this thread, then.

@Tjj226_Angel good recommendations. I think they all made the list...except I'm a little mixed on Foo Fighters. I think they have an original enough style that helped define their style and make them transcend past the 90's. On the other hand, they were chart toppers of that time too. I'll need to give the song another listen and decide.

Your list is killing me. I see an artist and think "I thought they were from the 80s?" and then I look them up...and they are. Still the lower half of your list seems to be pretty consistant 90s stuff. I still need to go through most of it.

I've added some of my own personal "Defining 90s Bands" to the list, whether you like them or not. Britney Spears, NSYNC, and Backstreet Boys. In addition I added Dirty Vegas's "Days Go By"

im good with selective inclusions as long as this makes the list:

RBF, bowling for soup, fountains of wayne, are also candidates.

Got it!

Big ass update to the list. I made some changes as well to help sort things and make things more manageable as the list continues to grow. The artist list still grows slowly since it seems many artists (especially in the electronic scene) were mostly 1-hit-wonders. If the artist list does grow rather big, I'll seperate them by domain as well, however at this moment, it is still manageable in it's size.

It looks like our Hop domain needs some more love.

The 90's ... oh maaaan, I could go on forever. I'll try to stick to 5 songs per year tho.
Eurodance and Trance was all the rage here in the mid-90s, so there's a lot of that in my list.

I know that some of these aren't really "90s bands", but I included them anyway.

Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence
MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This
New Kids on the Block - Step by Step
Snap - The Power
Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice baby

Army Of Lovers - Crucified
EMF - Unbelievable
Genesis - Jesus He Knows Me
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch - Good Vibrations
Pearl Jam - Even Flow
The KLF - Last Train to Trancentral

Dance 2 Trance - Power of American Natives
Dr Dre - Nuthin but a G Thang
Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day
LA Style - I'm Raving
Sir Mix-a-Lot - Baby Got Back
Spin Doctors - 2 Princes

Counting Crows - Mr Jones
Golden Earring - Joe
Leila K - Open Sesame
Meat Loaf - Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through
Tag Team - Whoomp! (There It Is) <- best ever censorship workaround. Whoop that ass !

2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Dreams
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Wonderfull Days
DJ Bobo - Freedom
Mark 'Oh - Tears Don't Lie
Sunbeam - Outside World (Original Mix)
Veruca Salt - Seether
Warren G - Regulate (feat Nate Dogg)

Coolio - Gangstas Paradise (feat LV)
Corona - The Rhythm of the Night
Dune - Can't Stop Raving
Me & My - Dub-I-Dub
Moby - Hymn (European Edit)
Nina - Until All Your Dreams Come True

Dune - Rainbow to the Stars
Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl
Nakatomi - Sing
Sash - Ecuador
Skin - Muppet Song (Mah-Na-Mah-Na)

Antiloop - In My Mind
Bran Van 3000 - Drinking in L A
Eagle Eye Cherry - Save Tonight
Gina G - Just a Little Bit
Guano Apes - Open Your Eyes
Will Smith - Gettin' Jiggy Wit It

Falco - Out of the Dark
Hole - Celebrity Skin
Paul Van Dyk - For an Angel
The Cardigans - My Favourite Game
The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright

Blink 182 - All the Small Things
Blondie - Maria
Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch
Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler
Dr Dre - Forgot About Dre
Vengaboys - Boom Boom Boom Boom

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