[Dissertation Project] Bevali: Behaviour Validation Using Smart Contracts

Hi guys, just finished my dissertation for University of Glasgow. Thought I would share my code for the project. It is a python based blockchain to test the efficacy of using smart contracts for validating the behaviours of different agents within a network. Specifically, for this project the scope was based on logging CRUD operations and using smart contracts to validate their behaviours. Let me know what you guys think!


Pretty cool.

I had a quick look at the code and noticed some interesting choices.

What license were you going to pick?

Have you thought about using https://pre-commit.com/ and enabling flake8, isort, black, pytype, and reuse?


To be honest, I haven’t even considered a license. Creative Commons Zero most likely.
Flake8 is used in the project, however not entirely with some exclusions.
Pre-commit looks really interesting, I can’t believe I haven’t heard of it!

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You may want to consider giving rights to use patents as well, so Apache 2.0 or BSD 2-clause + patents perhaps; (or GPLv3 but that requires publishing sources of any linked code). CC0 is explicitly written the opposite way re patents.



This looks like a very interesting project. I am not a python guru or anything but I will take a look; at least for inspiration to continue working towards my PhD

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