This was a scam Sorry for this.

I bought one and will verify, but this is brand new cherry brown red back-lit k70 lux which usually sells for around 100$+.

The lack of seller feedback makes me nervous.


Hey look. A great deal on your favorite brand.


Oh me too, but Ebay will work with me if it's bogus. I'll let you guys know when I get it.

Sometimes these guys will get an extra palate and then have to move a product fast.

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I say "reasonable pricing"...

OK, To be fair, my main issue with Corsair and a couple of other brands is the pricing... So if they fix the pricing - my reason for dislike will be gone.


Well guys the listing was just removed.

Gotta love the internet.


I'm going to rip the guy that bought it limb from limb.

I wanted that keyboard.

No like I think it was a scam.

The seller made that account that day, and have deactivated their account. Removed the listing too.

I have all the info to get it sorted out.


I didnt notice... I was going to fall victim to a sacmmer. D:

What I've learned:

Check user feedback on all sales on Ebay. If there isn't any I would avoid that purchase.

Check the Seller out. Check when seller created that account. If it is the same day, and they are offering an incredible deal it is a scam.

Don't use Ebay. Let's be honest there are better options out there that vet their users much better.

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Got the okay to close this thread from OP.