Displayport link failure?

I am having weird problems with my video card(a sapphire 7970 referance)i have 3 monitors hooked up,and one of them will sometime if i don't use it for a while it will go to sleep mode,and i can find no settings in its menu to turn it off,but when it does go to sleep it won't show up in windows,and the screen acts like it's getting no signal,but after a while it will fix itself.

Also every so often i get a popup saying "displayport link failure",and it also says it can't run at the current res at 60hz,then it changes it to 800x600,and it refuses to let me change it back.

The only way i know so far to fix it(other than a restart) is tolet the screen go to sleep mode,and then when it fixes itself it will be running at full res at 60hz.

It is either my GPU,or mabye my active mini DP to DVI Adapter that came with my video card is going out.

Which do you guys think it is?  If it is the adapter will they replace it if the video card is still under warrantary?

or it could be the monitor is going bad or is bad....

have you tried setting up the monitor as the main to see if the issue is still present?

also what is the model number of the monitor you are having issues with?

I have had similar problems with a mdp to vga cable. The solution came simply by entering the catalyst control panel and forcing the monitors to not go into sleep mode. The sudden resolution changes were fixed by jamming the cable in harder.

it is a Dell 1907FP,i have 2 of them one on either side of my 22" LG EW224.

I have not tried setting it as my main,cause it has been in "sleep mode" all morning.

But i am going to switch the screens cable to see if it happens to the other one,cause right now the one that is being weird is using my mini DP to DVI adapter.

I checked and catalyst control panel is set to never turn off display,or go to sleep.

Check windows settings as well then.

Windows is set the same as catalyst control panel.

Also i tried switching the the cables between the 2 screens and it did the same thing on the other screen,so it has something to do with either the adapter or the port.also i tried jamming the adapter in harder and it did not help.


if you have two of the same screen and one of them is working well and the other has issues and you swapped the main monitor( lg 22" ) cable to the screen with the issue and the problem still present. wouldn't this mean the monitor is faulty? 

Sorry man, i'm all out of ideas.

i swapped the between the 2 dell monitors,and which ever had the cord with the adpater had the problem. 

I have to leave for work i will try all suggestions you guy leave when i get back from work.