Displayport KVM switch and repeaters?

I ran across the Level1 site looking for KVM help. My current setup is an iogear DP KVM switch between my Macbook Pro late-2013 and my Dell work PC .

It works, but since working from home all the time I’m getting tired of the Mac rearranging all the windows every time I switch. The iogear doesn’t have EDID which I’m guessing takes care of this problem.

The Level1 Display Port 1.2 KVM Switch - Single Monitor looks like a good replacement for my basic iogear DP switch. Good review, EDID…

Except it says in on that product page:
“There is a known issue with 2013 mac pros. The DP signal coming out of those is not remotely compliant with DP standards. It is possible to inline some EDID-aware DP repeaters to solve that issue.”

My luck.

New to repeaters. Where can I find these devices? Maybe to try on the iogear switch I have and when I switch to a Level1 KVM.

Thanks in advance,


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