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DisplayPort cables

Please recommend me a DisplayPort cable. I’m looking for something in the 10-foot length. Failing a positive recommendation, tell me which ones to avoid.


Club3d is my go to brand, beware of counterfeits but thats like all DP cables


I got an UHD/60 Hz/10 bpc DP 1.4 display with 3 m cables connected to two systems and StarTech DP 1.4 cables have been absolutely stable for me even if they are run directly next to 230 V AC power lines.

They fit tightly without being wiggly.

I’m a bit mad at Club 3D since they’ve disappointed me with their buggy DisplayPort 1.4-to-pseudo-HDMI 2.1 adapter (Club 3D CAC-1085) :frowning:

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