DisplayPort and TVs

Will it ever happen I know we can buy large korean panels with it but I’m curious if it would be adopted on TVs as a sort of extra input option, it doesn’t need to replace HDMI but could easily be placed alongside it also it would give options for a true 120hz/240hz TV.

Thoughts here guys?

Not useful for anything besides marketing

TV content is not made at that framerate

And sticking it on a PC.

As for the topic, well… The problem is that DisplayPort is free (sort of).
HDMI is defined by a group of the big TV makers (Hitachi, Panasonic, Philips, Sony, Thomson, Toshiba, few others, weirdly not Samsung?), and HDMI has a licensing cost. There’s probably a loooooottt of money changing hands to the remaining TV makers to use HDMI instead of DP because then in turn every peripheral that wants to connect to a TV has to pay the license fee as well.

The weird thing about this is just that VESA sets all the other standards for video equipment but they don’t seem to care for HDMI either.

Well there’s hdmi 2.1

Which isn’t coming out on consumer products for probably at least a year…

Sooner than display port coming to TVs by the looks of it.

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Yep, and that’s fine, with hdmi being better than displayport.

Some of the commercial Samsung TVs have a display port.

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Might I ask in what way do you mean HDMI is better than DisplayPort? For all technical purposes, DisplayPort beats HDMI in terms of bandwidth speeds and supported resolutions and framerates

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HDMI 2.1 is superior to DP 1.4 in many ways, including bandwidth, and while both are not used a lot now, in 6-8 months HDMI 2.1 will be shipping in several products.

Samsung is big enough to not really care. They are just the ones making the hardware to decode HDMI at the end.

And then another standard drops for Displayport that evens the scales again. Ethernet in rugged connector is superior cause multiple purposes and long range.

How substantial is the difference? I’m looking at the refresh limits sections on Wikipedia:

Both HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 are shown as being incapable of running 7680 × 4320 at better than 30 Hz without some form of compression.

DisplayPort vs HDMI implementation cost

More on topic of why someone would implement HDMI support rather than DisplayPort, I recently asked Raptor Computing on Twitter why their recently announced Blackbird system isn’t using DisplayPort instead of HDMI:

Over time this might change, but it would be on one of our more expensive lines so that the marginal cost addition isn’t as much of the total product cost as it would be on Blackbird.

Is the cost you refer to a more expensive BMC for DisplayPort or just a more expensive surface mounted jack on the physical board than HDMI?

I don’t know enough about DP HBR ratings vs HDMI Categories to know if cable cost for consumers is really more for equivalent performance.

Higher priced interface chips, extra development work to create libre firmware for them. DisplayPort is more versatile, lots of different link training options (hence firmware needed in interface).

Although normal manufacturers probably aren’t concerned about having libre firmware, so take that with a grain of salt.