Displayport 1.4 Dual monitor X2 or X4 Avalibility

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With all the working from home looking to continue going forward I was looking at the LevelOne KVM, More from the point that the support and people behind using similar setups behind. I have noticed that it seems to be out of stock, now I could be blind however I couldn’t see on the site an estimated restock time.

I’m just poking the bear so to say, looking to see if I’ve missed a comment or mention regarding the next batch that will be available. I have of course added my mail address to the “notify me” section on the store.

Also, Bonus question!
To extend the USB peripherals on the USB 3 side. any recommendation on USB hubs. Sadly I’m from the United Kingdom of Haggis ( UK, Scotland). so product names or specific USB chipsets would be ideal, I’ve made the mistake of ordering from amazon.com before…


Sign up on the email. The dual quad and dual dual will be back in stock as I have a shipment of parts coming. Pandemic ic shortage and all. Eta 3-4 weeks prolly

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Thanks, Signed up. cheers for the update @wendell

That’s great news! Do you think more of the DP repeaters will be in stock soon as well? Looking to pick up 2 of those + a dual/quad 1.4 KVM.

Did someone say 3-4 weeks, not that I’m counting :-p

Waiting here too. If anyone has one and also has a Samsung G9 that works with it please be a dear and let others know.

I tried the KVM from connectpro but their support and product is garbage. Been fighting for a refund for months, but hopefully this KVM will work.

@swiftonsecurity on Twitter uses the g9 and it works but you need short cables.

The first round of dual duals inna while just went pretty quick. Dual monitor quad PC is restocking any day now.


so onto the next question, when are they going to be back in stock? I wish I checked my mail just after work on Friday

Preorder Option? for the Dual Monitor 4 port or for any cancelled 2 port?

Basically at this point its:

You should check up the true cost comparison tables just released
Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 12.37.26

Most people don’t need or want edid emulation though because it tends to have problems with freesync or gsync and at high refresh.

Even the USB sharing is just a simple switch. It’s the most rock dumb stupid, in a good way, thing you can do. No Icarus factor.

Also windows 11 has better monitor handling and will make all gpus like a quadro on windows 10 where you just tick a box in the driver so when the displays are unplugged it either doesn’t re arrange or re arranges properly when the display is put back. GeForce cards can’t do that right now but will be able to on win11

The repeater edid things are handy for macs though

What’s this cost comparison showing? the cost of a cable and a repeater. which the majority of folks already have. I’m personally wanting this as a dumb as can be display port switch and USB switch. That’s all a KVM is, any more and stuff starts going funky.

What I notice you have missed out on that comparison is support. I can almost guarantee you won’t get better support than on this form.

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