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Display Spice with GPU passthrough

I don’t think like most people. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone has setup A virtual Windows 10 guest running GPU passthrough (AMD RX590) with a virtual display (display spice) concurrently.

My vision would be display spice as the primary display for windows 10 with the RX590 as the Win10 secondary display for gaming.

Currently I have to switch between keyboards and mice and toggle the display (only one monitor, linux on HDMI and Win 10 is on display port). I am thinking I should not need to switch between keyboard and mouse with that setup. Call me lazy. :slight_smile:

I am wondering if it has been done before and how the experience went?

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I wish I had more equipment to test such a setup. I am reluctant to test this on my daily driver. Maybe it would make an interesting video?