Display Related Issue

I am using pop os since last year on Asus Vivobook AMD Ryzen 3500U. I had some issues during installation after that it worked fine without any major issue till few weeks back when i started face issues like system freezing while doing basic task. When my system froze i thought close the lid and then opening will help instead my system turn pixelated. Image for reference. I have lost a lot of my work in last few weeks because of it. Any help fixing the issue is appreciated.

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Does your laptop have a caps lock led?
If it does, when your machine crashes, press caps lock and see if the led responds.
Does your laptop have a cooling fan?
If it does, when your machine crashes, do you hear it spin up to full speed, slow down or stay at the same level?

For the following shortcuts, you may have to press FN too:
Does CTRL + ALT + [F1 / F2 / … / F7 / DELETE] do anything?

Do you have an external display? If so, when your machine crashes, try connecting it.

My 2500u does the same when waking from sleep but reverts to a normal image within a couple of seconds. It could be a power issue of some sort.