Display Problem

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I recentlyu bought a new computer with the 780i as my motherboard. It normally runs great and lag free, but occasionly it will crash, this only happens when I am watching a movie (avi or mp4(?)) or playing crysis (including crysis warhead).

When its about to crash the screen slows down(the sound stays normal) and lines appear all down my screen, they are red,green, and blue in color. Then my screen goes black and unresponsive. When this happens while watching a movie a square appears around my mouse curser and has the same red,green and plus pattren of lines.

I have tried updateing my Video card drivers ( have a Gforce 8800 GTS 512) but the problem stays, leading me to believe that it is a problem with the mother board.

TL;DR= computer crashes while playing crysis/movies lines appear.

Any help would be great



I know its not a motherboard problem now, I tried to do a nice clean install of my video card drivers but it still does the same thing.

Any help would be great

how do you know its not a motherboard problem? video card drivers dont matter in that respect. try flashing your bios. im sure there have been a bunch of updates

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Ahem, are you sure it's not a monitor issue? What you're describing here sounds a lot like a problem that is common with malfunctioning logic boards in LCD monitors, TV's and laptop screens, aside from the fact that it's actually crashing the system. Then again, I have had issues with older computers where the CRT monitor would mess up and somehow crash the system.

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hermmm.... there could be a lot of problems, but i dont see how your video card could be one of them, if you've clean swipped the drivers and everything. thats why i think you should try to flash your mobo. or maybe it is a monitor problem. tough luck.

Its obviously a video card problem as that is where the display is projected from.

The motherboard isn't going to tell the video card to stop working under stress, Which is what seems to be happening.

I say its a video card problem.

Have you overclocked at all?

but there have been video curruption problems on the 750i chipset on a massive scale, so i wouldn't be surprised if the 780i had some video curruption problems too.

you dont think that the companies that manufacture these pars would fix the problems with the old model on the new one?

lol that sounds whack as fuck to me


If you're using a graphics card the motherboard wouldnt be able to fuck it up, only the IGP