Display port link failure

My gf has a sapphire 380 nitro card in her system with a 27 in asus 1080p monitor connected via display port. She keeps getting display port link failure. Then the display is switched to like 1280 by something resolution but her other display is goes from 1080p to 1080i. The only way to remedy it is to unplug the dp cable from the gpu. Anyone have any ideas.

Firmware upgrade for the display

Asus has no firmware update

Welcome to the joys of Display port. I still cant have my DP monitor go to sleep with out all my windows and icons messing up. I wish i could go back to DVI-D. But no 4K support.

I use display port via thunderbolt on my own personal rig and I've never had an issue

OP, have any spare DP cables laying around? Cheap cables are apparently rampant. Ive read countless nightmares on their flakiness.

Nvidia gpu, by chance? Had this exact issue with a GTX 970. Took a leap of faith and switched to an AMD FURY. No more monitor sleep/wake bugs
*knock on wood

Seems strange the resolution is changing on you. A poor quality cable could explain it, esp if the plugs don't fit well in the card / monitor.
Can you try an HDMI or DVI cable to rule out bad video card / monitor?

It is a GTX970 but the problem also exists on my 380. From what i can find its a problem with the way display port handles power save modes.
When a DVI display is off there is still signal sent to the system so the OS will know it's there. Display port apparently does not do that so the OS thinks the display is disconnected and defaults to a resolution smaller then 4K.

That explains the disconnect noise I get from W10 whenever I switch off a monitor, lol. I havent experienced rearranged icons, however..
Perhaps this makes a case for the DP cable being the issue for OP's girlfriend?

I think you must be running 4k to have that problem.

It depends. If it happening randomly then i would say yes as i have seen doggy HDMI cables do the same.
If it only when the display wakes up or the resolution changes then it could be some kind of handshake problem with the DP link. Tho its odd to see the other display switch to 1080i when it happens.

It's a cable matters dp cable I had them send me a new cable it's a rx 380 maybe x from sapphire