Display port KVM 1.4 Dual USB not working

I fear the USB part of the KVM is dead, I am curious if there was any key combinations that would reset the HUB?

Desktop(PC1) is duel booting Ubuntu 20.04, Debian and windows 10, Laptop (PC2) is windows 10

I had a few issues to start with and replaced the USB cables with High quality ones and everything worked fine for a while.

Behaviour now:
I plug in KVM to laptop and desktop, the USB hub is detected on both. However nothing plugged into the KVM is detected in HID/USB2/USB3 ports. Same behaviour in windows and linux, and on laptop.

I have tried different hardware, and including my old faithful dell keyboard (15+ years old, so basic HID).

The KVM is aware of the devices plugged in, as the keyboard commands to change screen cause the beep, and do change the screen.

I’ve tried resetting, unplugged for a day, but that did not work. I’m curious if there is another way to reset the USB part of the KVM, or if I’ve put it in a weird mode by accident.

DP part of hub works fine, I currently have all my USB devices plugged into a HUB, and I move that between the laptop and Desktop which is not ideal.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated

Extra info for reference,
Laptop (Work) HP Elitebook 840 G5 with Dock (Dock and Laptop USB ports behave the same)
Laptop (Personal) HP Elitebook 840 G4 (Same dock)
Desktop (Custom built) AMD 3900X, Gigabyte X570 Aurous Master, 64GB TridentZ, Nvidia 2070 Super
Monitors - 2x LG 27GL850-B

usually emailing me is the best way for support, not the forum.

you can email me at wendell at level1techs doty com

if you’ve murdered the usb ports, I can take a look at it and fix it via mail in rma.

you are for sure using bog-standard blue-end USB A to B cables from each laptop/desktop to the KVM, right?

On the front of the KVM you’ll get a green light where the red “selected” light lights up to indicate that yes, that input is seeing the computer’s USB signal in that port.

Could email me a pic of the front of the kvm so I can diagnose further.

Since the kvm beeps and responds, it would be a unique failure. usually when the usb is blown you don’t get any beeps.

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