Display Looking Awful w/ 7770 and Samsung Monitor Through HDMI

I have a Samsung monitor/TV (the SyncMaster B2230HD. Whenever I try to plug the monitor into my HIS 7770 through HDMI (which is the only connector other than VGA it has) the display comes out looking just strange, the colors are off, everything is pixlely. Though when I connect via VGA none of these problems happen. 

Also when the computer was first started I connected this display as the main one, and it had intense overscan, I adjusted this in the Vision Control Center and the adjusted for the overscan, which is when the display started to look like this. 

Does anyone have a fix, or will I just be stuck using VGA forever? Thanks in advance for any help.

Did you try an other LCD?

If it works fine without adjustment (overscan should not exist in digital interfaces), then you screen is funked.

If it does the same thing, then your GPU is funked.

have you checked the settings in vision control center?

Theres a option called My Digital Flat-Panels on the side with some settings

go to HDTV support, have you tried the different modes in there?

Theres also an overscan/underscan option there that could help you.

Played around with everything, it does appear to be a problem with this specific display. Thanks for the idea of checking another one, which worked perfectly fine when plugged in through HMDI.