Display Lag Tester


I recently saw Wendell's video about testing input lag on a few displays. I was wondering if you (Wendell) have ever seen or heard of this little gem:


Also a nice video of the product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rj6p-fEjCGA

I think this would be very interesting for someone at Tek Syndicate to have and I'd be very curious to see what you guys would think of it.

N.B. I have no affiliation with this product, I'm just a bit familiar with Leo Bodnar's products and thought about this one when I saw the input lag video from Wendell.

If you guys want one of these I'd be willing to order one and donate it to Tek Syndicate as a way of supporting you guys, let me know if you want to take me up on this offer.

There is a one problem with that device though as it only supports 1980x1080 or 1280x720 @60Hz. Although they claim that input lag is unaffected by the resolution. I'd imagine if the monitor has to scale the image it would add lag?