Display GPU/CPU temp/GPU fanspeed under Linux (AMD only)

Hey there,

I messed around with aticonfig today and adapted some stuff I found on the internet. To have a self-refreshing display of your GPU temp and fanspeed as well as CPU temp (and maybe other stuff) execute:

watch -n 1 -d "sensors && aticonfig --odgt && aticonfig --pplib-cmd 'get fanspeed 0'"

Output looks as follows on my system:

Adapter: PCI adapter
temp1:         +9.8°C  (high = +70.0°C)
                       (crit = +90.0°C, hyst = +87.0°C)
Adapter: PCI adapter
power1:       38.90 W  (crit =  95.13 W)
Default Adapter - AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series
                  Sensor 0: Temperature - 51.00 C
Fan speed query:
Query Index: 0
Result: Fan Speed: 28%

For that you need the prorietary AMD driver (have not tested it with the free one), lmsensors and watch (which should already be present. You have to set up lmsensors (install it via apt-get or whatever it is you use) and do sensors-detect and let it scan, you have to say yes a couple of times. After you finished you can get the sensor data with the command: sensors.

You can set your fanspeed manually with:

aticonfig --pplib-cmd "set fanspeed 0 43"

with 0 being the number of your fan (I only have one) and 43 the relative fanspeed (43 is the point where I do not get any less noise if I decrease it further). You cannot manually reset it to auto you have to restart your system for that.