Display Fusion and Windows 8

So I'm running 7 now and torn between upgrading to 8 for all the usual reasons - want faster boot better multi-monitor support, don't want to give up start button.

I have my three monitors running with the help of Display Fusion at the moment and I would rather keep all three of my start buttons in upgrading. On their site they say that it tweaks Windows 8 features but I don't see anything about adding a start button.

Anyone have any opinion on Display Fusion + Windows 8?

If I get Start Is Back will it work together with Display Fusion or would I even need it?

Any advice on Windows 8, multi-monitors, and keeping the start button is much appreciated.

totally works and works well DF has some neat features that are Win8 specific Link to screenshot http://puu.sh/iDdAl/3c1934c40d.png