Display Adapters - VGA to DVI (Analog)

So I recently bought a few of these display adapters: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882203020

And I was wondering if I can use digital only or if I have to use strictly analog for the DVI connection/side of things. I figure I would be able to just just digital and that I would not be forced to use analog, but I don’t really use DVI so I’m just checking to be sure - whether or not if I have to buy an adapter that is strictly digital only and would not have the analog option on the DVI side of things.

Those connectors take a VGA output and convert to DVI-I. The page says, “Please Note: This product is intended for connections between DVI-I and VGA devices.”

You can use it for analog input as long as it takes DVI-I. I believe there are extra pins so it won’t fit a DVI-D connector. To be more clear, VGA is analog only, and you would need an active converter to change it to a digital signal.

Essentially DVI is a connector that supports a newer digital connection(DVI-D) in addition to passing through a standard VGA connection via a few extra pins (DVI-I) I for integrated. These extra pins are known as DVI-A (Analog)
All these adapters do is take a VGA signal and connect it up to the DVI-A pins in a DVI-I connector.

I don’t know what sort of monitors you have that have/need a DVI-A/I connector but don’t also have a VGA connector.

So these adapters are really damn pointless or niche for odd equipment.

All this confusion is also why DVI was killed as a display interface standard. Good riddance.

As you may have guessed, an adapter this small with no additional power input won’t do any digital to analog conversion. It will only work when plugged into a card that supports analog video output.

The 4 pins around the + are the analog video pins.