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Disk Shelf that supports 10TB HDDs?


Hi All,

I’m in the process of overhauling my NAS server and buying up a lot of 10TB hard drives. I want to put them all in a disk shelf for easy expandability. The problem I’m facing is that from the tech spec sheets that I’m reading for most of NetApp diskshelves, 10TB drives are not supported. In fact, they claim that only up to 3 TB drives are supported. That being said, one of the videos I’ve seen Wendell film covering FreeNAS storage, I believe I’ve seen him use 8TB drives without a problem in one of those. Could a simple firmware update solve this problem?

Here is what I’m referencing:

Additionally, I’m going to pick one of these cards to link up the diskshelf to my server.

Let me know if that’ll work or if there are better alternatives.




From what I’ve seen, Bitwit and Snazzylabs on Youtube did the same thing with the help from Wendell. They just left out some information about the disk shelf they used and which controller they are using. Quinn was able to run 14TB drives on the diskshelf. So I’m not sure how they did it, what I do know is they used the controller in HBA mode instead of using RAID

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@noobmaster69, watch your dates, that post is a year old.