Disk Errors on a VM and an FYI

If this isn’t the correct location for this, then please move it accordingly.

So I run some VM’s on my workstation, the host OS is Windows 10 Pro and in this instance the VM was also a Windows 10 Pro for my work environment.

I placed the VM on my fast NVMe Boot Device.

Over the weekend I noticed that both the VM and my Host OS would randomly freeze/lockup to the point I had to press the Reset button.

After a couple times of doing this I started to dig into the issue.

I booted up just the HOST OS without any VM’s running, since the issue would occur withing 15 minutes or so I kept waiting for well over 30 minutes and nothing froze until I booted the Windows VM, then within 5 minutes it happened again.

So to troubleshoot things I rebooted the HOST OS and then loaded the VM and went into safe mode and ran some testing and low and behold I found that the VM had Disk Errors that needed to be repaired, so did this and rebooted so Windows could perform a boot time disk repair.

Since I could not find any issues with the HOST OS storage device that this VM was installed onto I wasn’t sure what I would find, but after the boot time repair then the VM started working fine and no more freezing occurred.

SO I guess what tips/tricks do you peeps have on something like this ?

I ended moving this VM onto another SSD as I don’t want to freeze up my HOST OS too if another filesystem issue occurs with the VM.