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Disk Backup software or FreeNas over the internet

When you live somewhere with just your laptop but still want to get your backups to your real NAS or PC...

Does anyone do this over the internet?

  • FreeNas can do secure remote access of your files, but does it also back up as if it's on the network?
  • is it feasible with shitty internet speeds to back up sector by sector via internet? Or should I make a huge backup locally and then upload that over like 2 weeks?

I think the best software solution would monitor your hdd and push over the internet just the changes to your HDDs. No?

[EDIT] Here's a wikipedia list of all software backup solutions:

You can do that. Rsync or similar software supports sending only files (and even chunk of files) that have been changed since last time. There are also versions of this for windows if you use that.

It is feasible, but depends on how much data you must push. I push offsite backups from my FreeNas system to a friend with my crappy 1mbit upload speed. It is slow, shitty as hell (especially when the modem dies 3 hours into a snapshot sending) and can only send about 10Gb each day, but it works. There are solutions for you to do backups over the internet, but it depends on what you want to backup, how much data it is and how much it changes each day

this could be done over a vpn . i use openvpn on my phone and openvpn server on my pfsense box; this allows local network access.
i dont usually backup over this link as im home every night, and while not slow, my internet connection probably wouldnt support remote backups. i do have a data cap at something like 250GB , they dont seem to enforce it though they may if i abuse it.

My laptop primarily runs windows, and has a total of around 3TB of storage. 90% of it doesn't change much though (or I don't back it up like steamapps) which is why it'd be nice to upload changes and not the whole thing.

Backups on a per-file basis is not that useful (if you want to back up the C: drive for example). And I already use Syncthing.

I guess I could/should set up a VPN tunnel. And use Freenas, because I don't think there's any software backup solution that syncs backups like that.

A quick look at Duplicity: "To transmit data to the backup repository it can use SSH/SCP/SFTP, local file access, rsync, FTP, Amazon S3," - Now if it can support the backup repository being both on the local machine and on the remote pachine, and if it automatically merges and cleans up version chains on the remote as well, and the remote does not have to be on at the time of the backup, then we have a winner :stuck_out_tongue: