Dishonored review?


Just wanting to know if anyone is planning to do a Dishonored review? I'm getting near completing the game and I've got a lot to say about it, but I wanted to check first if anyone else was going to do so. If you are, joint review?

Nevermind, apparently Odium didn't see this and wrote a review.

Also if you're reading this, you misspelt 'opportunities' in the last paragraph.

I am so sorry I took this away from you. I really didn't see this post, and it was 4AM when I wrote it, literally minutes after I beat the game. If you want we can possibly add the reviews together on the same page, but I'm not sure if it will be too late or how that process will work. And thanks for telling me about the spelling error, I'm usually really good at detecting them but I was pretty damn tired when I wrote it. But I had to strike the OPPORTUNITY to write the review.

No problem, if anything we need to increase how much us contributers communicate, these sub forums are handy but also easy to miss. I know I certainly don't check them before posting news stuff. Not sure what we could do about this though.

I could talk to Logan about maybe integrating a flash based chat in the bottom right hand corner or something. And maybe one day we'll have spell check on here too, lol.