[DISCUSSION] With the latest Ryzen/Navi rumors, could AMD possibly takeover the barebones market?

With Adored’s video out now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCdsTBsH-rI

I got to thinking about Intel’s NUC, and thought about the possibility of the 3300G or even the 3300 with RX 3060 being used in barebone mini PCs maybe even AMD producing their own NUC type device.

Think about it. The Idea of having a powerful enough workhorse that is super portable and takes up very little space. I could easily see video editors packing one of these with a monitor when mobile as it might probably being much easier to transport and lighter than even the most powerful laptop today.

Thoughts here guys? Really excited for 2019 and the shakeup that’s coming

Since AMD have patented Vega 2 logo, I will say Navi is still far far away and AMD will just die shrink Vega to 7nm and re-release that.
If that is true, Navi will be out even later than expected… And it’s already late.

Ooh didn’t know that about Vega 2. Or maybe Vega 2 is later than Navi or possibily done in collaboration with Navi

There was talk of an Intel nuc with AMD graphics. So it has been on their minds.

I have the last gen gaming nuc, the 6i7KYK and its a great little machine. I would love an AMD version with a good small design too. For now I have an entire PC in a portable lock box.

Yeah I remember those. Really thinking about what the embedded market could bring soon. Mini PCs are looking to be really amazing if even half of this stuff is accurate

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And they are all ready as capable as a half decent laptop so they are more than enough for most of the people and job loads out there.

Now just make em cheap and more powerful and they will eat the market.

I can’t help but wonder if the mobile chips will be cut down versions of desktop chips to meet low power needs of laptops.

I mean the 3300 is already at 50W TDP then you add the RX 3060 that’s 580 performance at 75W TDP. That would make a hell of a portable workstation. Or just putting in the 3600G by itself with the 95W TDP

Vega 2/Instinct is for enterprise. Just because Vega 2 is a thing, doesn’t mean Navi isn’t.

Fury, Vega, Vega2 are one model line
R9-X, RX-X and Navi are another.

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Psycho did not say Navi is not a thing, he does not expect it before Vega2.

And that fits with the rumord launch window for the PS5 (wich is probably using Navi) and the statements from AMD about Navi and rumord-to-be Navi tech.

I have said it before. With intel’s graphics being crap and the steam stats of what gamers on mass play on.

AMD is for sure going to make the low end APU a no brainer buy AMD only. I hope they can make a killing and get into all the OEM’s.

Even if the APU is a 1050 ti etc level performer with no GPU required. It will be fine for the masses and Nvidia can not compete at all in APU market share.

Intel / nvidia seems to have the laptop market stitched up somehow. AMD’s mobile line was not that strong either. AMD need to get into Laptops. All the rumors are Desktop parts. However 7nm saves power !

Could AMD possibly take over the barebones market?

Not a snowballs chance in hell.

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Okay I keep gearing this, and to a point agree, but has anyone say this actually played games on a recent Intel iGPU? Yeah they will crap out sooner or later but I mean you can run GTA V on a HD4400… Granted itmlooks like ass at that point but that is super low end. I have the iris 580 and have not had any problems at all, in fact I went in expecting garbage and was very surprised.

I am very tempted to make a topic where I can benchmark games for people to see.

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I see a ton of average Joe gamers that could use a CPU upgrade from 2-4 cores and low end VRAM / GPU’s


That’s as may be but not what I asked.

I am sure many do need those upgrades but at the same time I am still on an FX 6100 (bulldozer) and a 290. It is still perfectly capable, definitely could do.with an upgrade but it is working fine in everything.

Integrated graphics are not ideal, there is no debating that. But out-of-hand crap? I would very much disagree.

I think Vega 2 might be the name for the Instinct line. It could also be another high-end line, complementing AMD’s GPU line-up. Since a Vega shrink would probably use HBM2 again it wouldn’t really decrease the price and as a result it probably wouldn’t be that interesting. Besides, the Vega name seems to have a bad reputation among gamers, albeit unjustified.

Hence, I think Navi is still on track an will be released as planned. If the release will be a real one or just a paper launch remains to be seen though…

I think the problem with Intels igpu is that they pair relativly shitty graphics with good cpus.
At that point, they are competing against ad-in cards. AMD has targeted relativly strong APUs at the price point where there are no 100€ more for a GPU.

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