Discussion - aspects for a development pc build

It already has being almost a year ago but i am looking on making a new PC when the Ryzen 3000 series releases.

But i would like to be informant about which parts to prioritize.

For example will building a Gaming PC the most important part is the GPU and the ‘best’ practice for this is most of the time is

CPU cost (around) 1.5X = the GPU cost.

But how does this work for development build.
I would like to work in Unity but i am also doing a major in Computer sience.

For example should i have a even split on the GPU and CPU.
And on top of that how much effect have the rest of the parts?

In this hypothetical scenario the build should be around $1000.
(The reason for this price is to make it a bit less vague and also to give you a good way to compare because priorities can change with price)

Define “work”…?
Programming can be done on almost any system, as long as it have functional hardware.
Other than that any “workload” have it’s own requirements.
Some software likes OpenGL or CUDA, so the GPU is important. Other software may tax the CPU massively. So then it’s obvious.
Even in the same workload, different software uses different parts of the hardware more than the rest of it.

So if you want to insanely fine tune your build you may want to get familiar with what software will you use and what this software benefits from the most…


I meant work in the way you just said, how and should i fine tune my build to the software the i develop on. For example if i am developming on Unity should i focus on the CPU or the GPU or should i evenly split it. The platforms i meanly would like to develop for a android and windows, in this sub set more on the 2 D turn based games and rts games.

For the rest of the development part is a bit up in the air but programming in C# and C++ seems the most logical way for me.

For anybody interested here is a link to the question that i posted on the unity forum:
(Small disclaimer only only used this forum and the unity forum)