Discovered this little hack prevent MS from turning update service back on in Win10

It is becoming darn near impossible to rename the Software Distribution folder when there is corruption in it. Microsoft now re-enables the Windows Update Service even when you disable it so you can rename the folder at next boot. Do this… open the Windows Update service under services.msc and click the “Log On” tab. Click “This account” button and click “browse”. Type in “Guest” without quotes. Click “Check Account” and then “OK”. Clear the password boxes. Now Windows can’t turn it back on!

Could you post pictures or put quotes around the “button” names?

example: “Log On” tab

It’s not very clear

EDIT: and perhaps change the title to what the post is about.
This seems a little clickbaity. but that’s just me.

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Clickbait baited my click…


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What do you mean?

it’s better but the title is still something to be desired.

Holy cow. Is that better? Finicky bunch. :wink:

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Ninja edited into obsolescence- It would be great if you could edit the title to include something like “Discovered this little Windows Update Hack”
Or like “Fix corrupt Windows Updates with this little hack”

Was not a personal insult towards you, just a comment about the vague title

That’s great!

You weren’t insulting. We added a winky face, sooooo.

Cool, post was good, didn’t want to discourage :slight_smile:

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click baity title made me click

Was not disappointed

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MS really turns the windows update service back on after the user deliberately disabled it?

I assume that only happens with the major biannual updates, which you’d never get if you don’t update.

Yep, turns it back on almost instantly with Windows Update Assistant installed, slightly slower without it.

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