Discounts on Ghost Recon Wildlands, Nier: Automata, and Mass Effect Andromeda in Deals | Level One Techs

The tacical co-op shooter Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands went out this week and to our surprise GMG kept their running 18% discount. Ubisoft's latest shooter is now down to $49.29, which saves you about $11 off the $60 MSRP. Same percentage off for the Deluxe and Gold Editions.

Also at GMG this week are new discounts on upcoming titles NieR: Automata and Mass Effect Andromeda. They are the only authorized retailer we know of to slap an 18% price break on NieR Automata, which releases next week Friday on PC. It should be noted that NieR has seen rave reviews for the PS4 version that hit the shelves this week (89/100 Metacritic score). The new Mass Effect goes live later this month, on the 27th, and is getting a slightly better 20% discount at GMG.

How many GTX 1080's do you know of under $550? Heck, many are still listed above $600. Well if you've been hoping it one day might break under the $500 mark you're in luck. Today NewEgg posted an MSI GTX 1080 video card for $469.99 after rebate. New low for the high end and high demand card.

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