Discord or Teamspeak?

So one of my friends showed me this new program called Discord.
It is like a clean uncluttered version of Teamspeak where you can host your own Server for free (currently at least....)
They got some solid programms and apps for the basic mobile platforms and OS. They are working on a linux version as well.

Has anybody expierience with this programm?

mumble is my preferred, teamspeak is second.

Discord is way heavy on the meta collection for my liking, not alot of control im comparison to other voip clients.

it does present well though, check out the investors page of their site. Some interesting affiliations.

I second Mumble, latency is really good.

Edit: Time Warner as an investor... kill me now.

Teamspeak of the two. Mumble I haven't used yet. Need to though.

Use Ventrilo. That's what Basshunter uses.

I can't really give a serious answer. I've been using Ventrilo ever since I started PC gaming, and Mumble is great, but I've never been a huge fan of TeamSpeak and I've never head of Discord.

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Mumble. Neither of those programs are FOSS, and their privacy policies are eh.

Personally I use Teamspeak. I've tried Mumble before, but something about it just seemed clunky.

Though I don't use push-to-talk, so maybe that has something to do with my preference. I use voice activation, and teamspeak's seems to be the best for me.

I played with a group for a while that used Mumble, so I do have experience on both.
I guess bottom line is, try them both out. See which one you like the most.

Teamspeak is a little more "refined" I would attribute that to their licensing. I have run servers for both and have always landed on mumble. I also really like the sound quality of mumble, most of the people I play with have "proper" mics and nice headphones. But to be fair I have not done a ton of testing with TS3 regarding fidelity.

can we give a shout-out to all of the poor razer-comms users

i have heavily used both.
encrypted and allows you to up your encryption infinitely.
very low bandwidth
easy to save address's and switch between them
very good management of admin privileges and rooms

requires you to run a server or pay for one.
can be easily ddos'd.
and doesnt have many features. the updates are usually useless.

you dont have to pay for anything
very easy to get on a discord channel with little to no knowledge about how it works.
you can upload and show pictures, videos, and other files directly form your pc or as links.
you can create endless servers
nice looking gooey interface
logs chat for everyone so you can catch up on conversations you missed
can run off your internet browser
updated frequently with useful new features every time
lets you know when people are replying

not the best privacy policy
you can only perma ban people, not temp ban or mute/kick/move
you cant heavily encrypt your traffic
no sound boards T_T that i know of yet.....
not the best features for adm user

mumble is better it's FOSS
it also has mobile apps