Discord on Fedora Troubles (GNOME 3)

I am running Fedora with GNOME 3 and discord has been giving me a hard time. After I finally got it installed and moved to the path it says that it is corrupted (not a big issue, appears to not affect anything). However, something that is bothering me is that I cannot get GNOME to recognize discord as a application. Right now it is just a executable that cannot be pinned on the dash or searched in activities. I set it up as a systemd service but that still isn’t ideal.

Also, if anyone has figured out how to get the updater to properly update that would be great, but I think that it inherently just wants to redirect you to a download link.

Welp. That happened. I solved my own issue.
For anyone that has this same issue, make a discord.desktop file in the ~/.local/share/applications/ folder and put this in it:

[Desktop Entry]

Note that you do need to copy or create a symlink for discord and discord.png into the /usr/bin/ directory.

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With Cinnamon and KDE, you can just make a application entry in their GUI menu editor, but it doesn’t carry over to GNOME cause you need a real .desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications. Writing a desktop entry also allows you to specify multiple launch parameters like Firefox’s “Open a New Window” and “Open an New Private Window”