Disconnect Microsoft account without their password

I had a family friend add their Microsoft account to my otherwise local account and now I need to disconnect it. I can see where I can disconnect it in the systems settings, but it requires their password and they don’t want to give it to me, and it may be some time before I see them again to have them enter it on my machine. Are there any options to remove it otherwise? I can still log in to the account with my pin.

First of all, ouch.

You could get their involvement with disconnecting the account with remote desktop apps like teamviewer.

I am currently spinning up a VM to see if there is any other methods of disconnecting a PC.

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Being that it is just a local account, you could make a new local account, transfer all of your stuff to that one and delete the old one?
That is, if it is your computer and you have access to everything on it.

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That is an option, but if there is a simple regedit or something, I would prefer that rout

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How did your friend add the account?

Through signing in on a Windows app or actually adding the account and switching the sign on method?

Signing in to a windows app

Check in Settings > Accounts > Email & App Accounts to see if you can remove anything

Doing so requires me to ‘switch to a local account’ and requires the Microsoft account’s password

That shouldn’t be right, then he also switched the sign on method as I asked earlier.

cant you just have them enter their password

That was my point of option 1 with the Teamviewer

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I recommend you create a new local admin account for yourself, and then optionally choose to block the Microsoft account from logging in to your PC:

I have never seen a registry hack to disconnect Microsoft account without password, but you can use the paid software to do this:

That is not recommended until you insist on switching MS account to local account.

Depending on what exactly your friend cannot trust with you - just the password because it is used in other accounts or the MS account by itself (kind of late for that): you can ask you friend to change MS password temporary to something that can be shared with you. Then you disconnect you local account from the MS one. And then your friend changes MS password to the original one.