Disc drive won't open

I just finished building my new pc.

My disc drive, a Sony Optiarc 5280S-CB-Plus, won't open. I got it new just like the other parts in my build. I know it is getting power because there is a green led on the front of it and the SATA cable is connected to the motherboard.

Any advice on how to get it to open?

You can try using the Eject option in Windows... go to your drive and right click... it'll give you the option to Eject... If that doesn't work, try the push pin... insert a paper clip into the tiny hole located above the eject button and you will need to manually pull it out from there...

If the software eject option doesn't work, however (assuming everything is connected properly)... there's likely another issue with the drive itself that might require a RMA

Paper clip did the job! thanks