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Disabling RGB on Thermaltake Floe Riing 360 AIO set

I have Thermaltake Floe Riing 360. I bought it because of the silence and performance, not because the RGB. I find the hub such a pain to deal with when trying to clean up the cables.

But also I would prefer not to have to deal with the software that needs to run on the background to control the light show. However the said software also controls the radiator fan speeds.

One option would be to replace the fans with Noctuas for example, leaving the box out altogether. Pump does connect directly to mother board so it doesn’t need the box to operate, it only needs that for the RGB it seems.

But I also wonder, how difficult it would be to strip the cables and with some solder and trial and error convert these fans into standard PWM fans? Heck, even the LEDs, wouldn’t they work if somehow connected to RGB pins in my mobo?

IIRC Thermaltake have their own proprietary connectors for RGB fans. God knows what’s going on with those.
I would say just replace the fans and be done with it.
On the other hand nothing is stopping you from trying to work out how the sausage is made with o e of the TT fans and if it doesn’t work out - just replace them.
Arctic P12 are also a nice option for much cheaper when it comes to fans.

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Thanks! Do you think some other high static pressure fans would perform better than the ones that came with it?

Honestly I have never touched Thermaltakes fans so I have absolutely no idea how they do.
From what I’m gathering from mainly user reactions, beQuiet, Noctua and my boys Arctic are about the top 3 choices. And since Arctic are massively cheaper…

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