Disabling read reciepts on Facebook Messenger, help?

So the basic gist is I use Facebook messenger on android to stay in contact with a lot of people (cancer I know) and I’m tired of it telling people when I read their messages I’m looking to disable read reciepts and im not above using a modified APK but i can’t find anything, maybe my google foo is just too weak as all i can find is there is no setting to do it easily, can anyone help?

When you get a notification you can drag down the message and that doesn’t count
Like do this number

But with the messenger notification

That’s the only workaround I know on Android

Cant get the full message in notifications on this version of android it seems (8.0.0)? Maybe if you could point me in the right direction that could work.

My Galaxy s6 is on 7.0, it’s the most up to date device I own

Might be a setting within messenger to display it up there

I dug through settings for like an hour before i googled for a couple more hours unless if I can get a step by step it either doesn’t exist or I cant find it myself lol

Open messenger but not the bubbles, tap your face, settings then make sure this is on

Yeah that’s on but i only ever get the first few words and it doesn’t stay it pops up temporarily then fades out. Should mention i have an htc 10 With the weird secondary mini screen.

They usually only disappear when you open up messenger, weird