Disabled Gamer!

Logan, Wendell and The Tek/Inbox.exe,

My name is Nick, I'm from Oklahoma and I am just getting into PC gaming and PC hardware. However, I’m in a powered wheelchair and I have limited use of my upper body, therefore I cannot physically assemble a gamming PC. I was mainly a console gamer for years, but I was too limited physically that I needed the control customization that PC gaming offers. Also, I'm a student majoring in computer science so a new PC would be immensely helpful. Is there any way that you guys could assemble a gaming rig for me? I’m a huge fan of Tek Syndicate so it would be awesome to be in a few videos and make a series out of it. I wrote in to inbox.exe about a year ago and Logan actually responded but I couldn't ever get in contact. I could just get a new PC from a system builder, but honestly that is too removed from the building process for me. So I thought I would write in to my favorite PC website and ask for their help. 

As far as hardware, I mainly use my current PC (a ancient HP Pavilion dv5) for my class work and (very) light gaming. Since I have limited use of my upper body, I dictate most things with Dragon Naturally Speaking and access all of my textbooks in PDF. All of this multitasking is really strenuous on a laptop. 

What I’m looking for in a gaming PC 

  • A small to medium form factor.
  • Triple monitors - Since I read all of my textbooks in PDF I use two monitors in addition to the laptop itself, so it needs to handle 2-3 monitors.
  • Moderate storage - Since I store a lot of textbooks I need a moderate amount of storage. I do have an external 3tb hard drive. A 256gb SSD for Windows and a larger mechanical drive for games is what I’m thinking. I have an ssd already so I can include that.
  • Memory for multitasking - I do a lot of multitasking so at least 16gb of ram is needed.
  • 1440p gaming - I want to be able to play all modern games at 1440p. I'm planning on buying a new monitor. I'm mainly an fps gamer but I've wanted to get into some other games. (i.e. Skyrim, Chivalry or Arma 3 etc). I have really wanted to play CS: GO my current PC can’t even handle it.
  • My budget is $1200 all in.

I would definitely be able to cover all related shipping to and from. I love all of your content. Keep it up! Just respond to this post with any questions. I've sent a few emails trying to get some sponsorship for the build but nothing yet. I want to include some kind of giveaway with the build. I love it when you guys give things away so I'd like to be a part of that. 


Cmon guys it makes me really sad nobody has replied to this yet :(

He's offering to pay for it and everything, all you have to do is assemble it for him! Its not that hard, help him out Logan/Wendell/Qain/Pistol/ANYONE

The responded on Inbox.EXE already, they said it won't be a problem! :)


$1150 build there will do everything you asked for. You just need someone else to assemble it (maybe Tek syndicate team could help).

This is going to be awesome! :)

Dear Fellows,

  Following the broadcast about this message on the inbox.exe video, I would love to see some basic stuff on all the varieties of disability access devices that are actually being used be people. I believe this might be an interesting jump off point as we could all be inspired and informed by such information, especially as my only examples to date are "The Magnifying glass" and "Whistlers brail touch pad" on the film "sneakers".

Many thanks to you all

Best Regards

Gerald Pitt

I really hope this works out for you. I'd give you a custom X99 build if I could afford it.

I just got a chance to see the episode. Thanks for the response! The monitors would not be included. I just want to be able to use three monitors. I may be getting a 1440p monitor eventually for games and use two other 1080 auxiliary displays for productivity. So whichever card you think can handle that? I also would like to stick with matx or even a moderate size atx. Also, I'd want to be able to do sli or crossfire. I could be convinced to go itx Wendell brought up a great point about longevity and it hadn't occurred to me to go with a xeon or X-99 for "future proof" even though its cliche. lol Here are some build ideas from all across the spectrum. So let me know what you guys think.

ATX Intel Z97 Build:


ATX X-99 Build:


Micro-ATX Intel Z97 Build:


mATX x-99:





GTX 970 (or R9 290) is just right for 1440p/60FPS. I have the setup that you described.


I would personally go with Z97 i7 + 970, but that's just me. Another thing is that  since 970's TDP is so low it can even even fit in Mini-ITX.

If you want SLI/Crossfire for higher resolutions (like 4K or surround), it's probably better to avoid 970 because of 3.5 GB issue, but if it's for 1440p/144Hz, it's fine.

And you should add an SSD in there.

for gaming have you seen http://youtu.be/8xAmPSTPcq0

you don't mention what your limited range of motion is - as obviously that can affect a lot of options - one thing to think about before buying lots of monitors - using a rift MAY be a better tool.

Btw i am disabled too and despite having access to sit stand desks and well designed chairs I have discovered i work best sitting on the floor on a pad and using a coffee table as a desk. In due course i am thinking of creating an electric sit/squat desk but that a in due course thing.

If your using naturally speaking is it because of poor mobility in your hands - if so do you know of maltron keyboards, there was also a keyboard that a mate swears by but that stopped producing keyboards after it was eaten by apple. Wendell like IBM M keyboards and I agree, I love the old buckling spring design and ergocomp can offer a variety of key patterns including ones with IBM pointstick controls which totally rock!

someone mentioned the braille display used in sneakers - there pretty expensive at $8K http://www.irie-at.com/content/alva-bc680 &


also this via hacker news



Thanks for the input. Your setup is similar to what I want. Does it work well off the 970? You can play most titles at 1440 right? Also, how do you like the 2x1080p 1x1440p setup for productivity?

For 60 FPS target, at 1440p 970 plays absolutely everything either at ultra or very high settings.

For programming this setup works absolutely perfectly. If the code is wide, I put it on the main monitor, and if it fits, on the left one. Additional space is used for googling and/or documentation.

Should I go with the 970 or the 290x? The 3.5 gigs of vram shouldn't be a problem but I do know it can limit things a 4k if I run sli in the future. I haven't heard back from logan so the build may not happen.