Disabled Gamer!

Logan, Wendell and The Tek/Inbox.exe,

I am just getting into PC gaming and PC hardware. However I’m in a wheelchair and cannot physically assemble a gamming PC. I have been a console gamer for a few years and I’m tired it’s crap (also who wants to be willingly Xboned). Is there any way that you guys could assemble a gaming rig from the tek syndicate horde of hardware to initiate me into the world of PC gaming? It would be awesome to be in a few videos and make a series out of it. I have been a follower of the razetheworld YouTube channel for almost a year now and I love all of your videos. Keep it up!

P.S #beardenvy

im sure if someone on the tek isnt able to help, more then likeley someone else would be willing to help if u covered shipping

trust me you don't able legs to put a PC together, all I use mine for are to lay the case on my semi bare legs to ground myself (bad knees, I don't like getting up)

what you do need are a wide desk or multiple desk to put your parts and tools on, if you still can't do it I live in the Madison Ohio area if you need some Physical assistance, wouldn't recommend shipping a full PC, logan tried that once and they played soccer with it

I'd be willing to show you a video of me putting my computer together to show you just how easy it really is if you'd like

"Retros before hoes and baize gets the babes"

NCIX will always assemble it for you for $50 as a last resort.  

I sent another user a spare i3 2100 I had a while ago; unless you want an Athlon X2 rig, I can't help.


Oh yeah I remember that.  Still don't get how they managed to smash the cpu cooler off.  They must have stuck a forklift through it.  Them shipping companies need to take better care of their staff that's for sure.

Great idea thanks.

I really appreciate your comment. Unfortunately I don't have much use of my arms making it impossible to assemble it. Thanks for offering your help. I'm new to the PC world so a video showing a PC assembly would be cool.

alright might be a while but until then logan did a video on it




Thank you for addressing my comment in inbox.exe 0037. I have sent more information to [email protected] My name is Nick, I'm a student andI live in the Oklahoma City area. I wasnt overly specific in my original post. I didn't want to give too much info with out even knowing if I would get a response. 

As far as hardware, I have all of the peripherals (i.e. monitors, mechanical keyboard, mouse etc.). I basically have everything except the PC. I also have an old dell desktop that I can probably salvage a hard drive from and I have all of the software I need as well.

I mainly use my PC (a dell xps14z) for my class work.In addition to being in a powered wheelchair I have limited use of my upper body. This means that I dictate with Dragon Naturally Speaking and access all of my textbooks in PDF. All of the multitasking is really strenuous on a laptop.

What I’m looking for in a gaming PC

  • A small to medium form factor - I've really looked into an itx system
  • Dual monitors - Since I read all of my textbooks in PDF I use two monitors in addition to the laptop itself, so it needs to handle that.
  • Moderate storage - Since I store a lot of textbooks I need a moderate amount of storage. I do have an external 750gb hard drive.
  • Memory for multitasking - I do a lot of multitasking so I've lloked into about 8gb of ram atleast.
  • 1080p gaming - I want  to be able to play modern games at 1080p. I'm mainly an fps gamer but I've wanted to get into some other games. (i.e. skyrim, borderlands 2, Arma 3 etc) I've looked into a gtx 760.

I would definitely be able to cover all related shipping to and from. 




If you want someone to assemble it for you then i would be more than happy to for free even. I know you dont know me but if there was something we could work out i would be happy to. I get alot of joyfrom building computers.

That is if they cant do it for you. Good luck dude.

Cover shipping costs and I can donate a Gigabyte 1155 Z68 motherboard (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128506)

It's not the best overclocker, but it'll be free.

Thank you for your offer. I will definitely let you know if I need some help. I appreciate it.