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Disable multimedia keys

Windows10 finds it funny to sometimes intercept me pressing multimedia keys meant to start and stop music and instead start a random video from one of my browser tabs.

Is there a way to stop this BS?
A quick search in the settings brought up nothing.

I don’t know where but it is probably a registery edit.

Though that will be system wide and likely also break it for your music.

Try another browser to see if it’s the browser which intercept or if it’s windows.

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As it has the Windows style and volume bar next to it, I am 99.9% certain it is Windows:

Edit: It will even let me switch which browser recieves the media keys, but not let me NOT forward them to any browser.

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thats the browser. which one are you using?

At the point of taking that screenshot, I had Firefox, Chromium and Vivaldi open.
All with a YouTube video. Hitting Fn + Play/Pause stopped the currently focused one and let me switch which browser would get affected (the arrow on grey ground).

I know for chrome stuff you can disable this in the flags


i’m not sure about the others as I dont use them.

That got me half way there…
Now the keys do not interfere with vivaldi, but don’t stop music playing either.

what music player?

Musicbee, but tested dysfunctional in VLC or Windows Media player.
Windows10 just hijacks the input and dumps it into whatever programm is focused.

I dont have this problem at all when I use VLC specifically.

Something else is hijacking the input.

Yes, Windows 10 is.

close each program one by one until it works as intended, thats your culprit.

I have been there.

While on desktop, it is fine. As soon as I open any programm that accepts multi media keys, those keys stop working for whatever programm recived them before.

well if you just want to blame windows 10 for whatever problems you have then i’ll leave you to it then.

hope you figure it out.


That is the Windows10 volume slider next to the Windows10 media controll thing that is causing me problems!

This make sense? Global multimedia keys are no different than keyboard functionality, it focuses on what ever should be in focus at the time.

Not that it is a perfect solution and may not be applicable depending on the player, I just set keyboard macros for foobar2000 and they work almost everywhere, some games override them but most don’t.

On Win7, multimedia keys would only affect media applications.

That is going to be my workarround. Have to see if I can rebind Fn + MMKey to be my new Crtl + Shift + Img Up/Down/End in my keyboard…

You would not call your smartfridge a TV just because it can play video, would you? But we are getting offtopic.

Chrome, firefox, vivaldi are basically media applications at this point.

Does it play video? Yes
Does it play music? Yes
Does it load images? Yes