Disable hardware offloading - how necessary is it? (Truenas core)

Is there a particular reason that “disable hardware offloading” is recommended for plugins, jails and VMs? I have the Nextcloud plugin and a VM for running a proxy manager, so I want to follow the recommendations if possible. But disabling this setting does indeed reduce performance quite a bit. Also, keeping it enabled doesn’t seem to affect Nextcloud at all, so I’m wondering how necessary it actually is.

If it is necessary, would it be possible to use one interface for the internet/nextcloud, and another interface for my local SMB access? That way I can disable hardware offloading on one and not the other? (I have an intel 10g card plus the built in one on the motherboard, so I’d use the 10Gb for the SMB and the 1Gb for nextcloud)

There’s no need to disable offloading unless it causes an issue, these settings are handled by ifconfig in FreeBSD but I don’t know how you’d manually override it in FreeNAS.

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Gotcha, thanks for the reply!!