Disable/Enable Intel Turboboost/Speedstep in Operating system

Anyone know of a program that can Enable and disable Intel Turboboost/Speedstep in the OS(windows 7)?  

I have to disable it because in certain games like League of legends for example it underclocks the clock speed to about 1.6 ghz and I get like 30 fps in it on low settings if its not disabled.  But it boosts up to 2.9 ghz in some games which I need to have it enabled for. Running on a laptop btw

If you're using Windows Vista or later, go to your power options, change your current plan settings, click the advanced section, expand the Processor Power Management section, click the Maximum Processor State, and change it to something other than 100%. Maybe that will help? Could also look into ThrottleStop.

This is straight from Intel themselves.

"Intel® Turbo Boost Technology is usually enabled by default by a switch in the bios where you can either enable or disable operation. Other than this, there are no user controllable settings to change Intel® Turbo Boost Technology operation either in the hardware settings or operating system. Once enabled, Intel® Turbo Boost Technology works automatically under operating system control."