Dirty Unicorn ROM experiance

Up until recently I was running cyanogen mod on my nexus 5 but 2 days ago I soft bricked the phone so I decided to try out the dirty unicorn rom because I already had to wipe the phone anyways just to get it running. And so far the dirty unicorns rom is so much more versatile then cyanogen mod. Basically if you where thinking about trying a new rom I would highly recommend checking this one out. If you have never flashed your phone before and you are interested, here are some videos that can tell you how to do it.


Dirty Unicorn website



How to flash your phone (yes it's for a galaxy 2 but the process is the same)



How to root your device (this needs to be done in order to install the rom)



Now for the downloads with these links you will need to find the one specific to your device, otherwise it will not work.

(Also guys, these are just links. If you mess up and brick your phone; don't get mad at me or anyone else who has provided you with the knowledge to carry out the root/flash all of these have been used by many people, if it doesn't work then you did something wrong.)


If there is anything that you want to ask me about my experience so far feel free leave a comment and I will try to check back frequently for the next month or so.


How would this ROM compare to SlimKat? Not for my device, but I'm curious to see what I'm missing.

Sorry to say but i don't know; i've only run cyanogen mod and this, sorry dude.