DiRT 2 fun!

I was bored so I made a gameplay video. Check out the crash towards the end.

godamn i hate that stage os much >.<


Loving that game : ]

nice game looks sick but im not to into racing games

safe to say tho codemasters make the best racers

That is indeed a fabulous game. And very well driven!

IrishMetalhead - sorry to say it, but that must be Simbin and Polyphony Digital you're talking about.

nah hate gran turismo i prefer forza as a racing sim even tho gtr is good too
but i prefer aracade racers with a bit of realism more then sims hence why i love codemasters cause i grew up on the colin mcrae and toca series and i am so looking forward to f1 2010 =D

Try using a racing wheel. Its epic.

Liked GRID so much better ae!!!

omfg some had to meantion grid =D
and grid 2 should be on it's way soon since it was announced ages ago and not only that codemaster's F1 2010 will be coming soon aswell.
EPIC! so can't wait now with such epic racers on the way =D