DirectX12 in Windows 7 - how to run...?

So this should be out after the announcement in March, right?
They released a dev version not too long ago.

Where can I get it & does anybody have experience with it yet?
No luck in finding it so far…

*latest graphics drivers (AMD 19.9.2) installed


you can’t. DX 12 is only for win 10.

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According to

DX11 is as far as you go on W7

You were probably reading about the DX12 for World of Warcraft on Win7. It is only for WOW and nothing else, it is not general DX12 for Win7. It is not and very likely never will get DX12. Win7 is nearing End of Life.

Now before you get too excited, this is currently only enabled for World of Warcraft; and indeed it’s not slated to be a general-purpose solution like DX12 on Win10.


What zibob said
Most direct x12 apps are only wrappers
You could make your own wrapper; as there’s community dx8 to 9 wrappers and dx9 hacks
But no one is working on an open source dx12 wrapper to my knowledge
Most dx12 games have terrible performance and or are unstable. Unless you need a DX12 feature like ray tracing there’s no point. Recent bfv builds crash w/ dx12 on recent Windows builds…
Civ 6 previously had a minimal benefit but in recent insider builds dx12 gives 5fps< where dx12 is still solid 60

Pretty sure Microsoft made an announcement that they were backporting it. (edit: didn’t realise this was a bumped thread from weeks ago).

But yes, initially it was Windows 10 only.

OP: is there a specific reason you want it? In my experience there’s bugger all difference with enabling DX12 vs. DX11 most of the time.

People want this. I tried to run Hitman3 on a w7 box last night and ran into this. Can we just drop dx12.dll or whatever into the windows system folder?

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