DirectX 12 on the horizon


I'm not really sure what this means for those of us in the market for a GPU, either. I almost ordered my computer parts a couple of days ago but held out so I can also throw cash into a 350 dollar liquid cooling system so I'm somewhat grateful now. Does this mean those of us getting ready to upgrade should wait on purchasing a GPU so we can assure compatibility with DX12? Or would nVidia release updates to support it? \

Meanwhile AMD is sitting on mantle and we'll see what they say. I'm pretty positive they will pick up support for it regardless.


Edit: I was watching the start of the Tek when I ran across that then it rolled around at the end of the Tek. Oh well.

Dont expect it to be anytime soon DX 11.2 isent even being wide spred used yet.

Years ago I'd be excited and plan for a new build, but now  ms will force dx12 users to use win 8.1 or 9

it was better when we just upgraded our dx and not our os

dx12 is a big deal, far bigger than 10 to 11 as we should hit the hardware and get maybe 30% more speed

shame I don't want 8.1

what does ubuntu have to do with anything? :D

but serioulsy now, if they wanted to, they could port directX to linux. but why would they do that?



I would have liked to see MS say they're working with AMD to incorporate Mantle in DX12 rather than the competitive mentality they went with. Sure it forced MS to take action but Mantle wasn't intended to challenge DX just give the PC something it's been begging for for years but OpenGL and DX weren't offering.

According to semiaccurate dx12 is using mantle.