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On the surface this looks awesome in that I could buy an AMD and Nvidia card and have the best of both worlds or keep my old card when i upgrade.  However something tells me that A) this won't work well enough to be useful and B) game developers will not optimize a game to work on two different architectures simultaneously.

It's cool and all, but it's true that game developers probably won't or can't utilize it completely enough to make it cost effective. As well as the fact that not all games are written for DirectX anymore.


It would be interesting if igpus could be used in conjunction with discrete cards using this.


if you think nvidia is going to play along with this you are kidding yourself, they already disable physx on current direct x if it detects an amd card in your system, nothing is going to stop them from doing the same thing on dx12.

While I am happy with the performance increase that dx12 is going to bring it doesnt sit well with me how long it has taken to get here

...and don't kid yourself into thinking that they are doing directx12 for 'us' (e.g desktop gamers) this is purely so they can get windows + dx into shape for tablet/mobile, we are the old market keeping them funded while they transition to the new.

lets just concentrate on stacked vram for now

This sounds interesting, though I'm not sure how viable it is. Depending on how easy it is to do, it may or may not be implemented. Also, I doubt Nvidia will want to play nice with AMD, unless they have to control over this feature. It's not like it's anti competition, if anything, it promotes it. For the consumer, one may want to upgrade and buy a supplemental Nvidia card, or they may have one already and want to save some money and go for an AMD card for a good price/performance.

Either way, it provides the possibility of both cards being in one PC, which is great, in theory. But doubtful it will happen.